In 1992, I was asked to illustrate the books for Dave Ellison’s classic series ‘Tales of the Riverbank’.

There is now a digital version for you to download.

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True stories about real engines!! Now I write, illustrate, design and publish my own books...and I make the fibreglass faces to go on the engines too.

Here are some sample illustrations from the 6th book and others..

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I worked as an illustrator for over 20 years before turning to fine art and private commissions and I still love to illustrate books, magazines, brochures etc.

Past clients include: Sainsbury’s, Walker Books, Heinemann, Scholastic publications, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, Ginn, Longmans Educational, Oxford University Press, Honeygreen and Chapman, TVS publications, Whiteway Publications, Gaia Books, Brimax, World of Wildlife Fund, A & C Black, Strand Magazine,  Macmillan Educational, Appletree Design, Indigo,and others.

'I sketch most days in my sketchbook, which builds a little visual library in my mind'.