Pauline studied at Central School of Art and Design


Her paintings have been exhibited at the National Portrait  Gallery, The Royal Society of British Artists, The Society of Woman Artists, The Guild of Railway Artsits, The Guild of Aviation Artists, Mall Galleries and other galleries in London, and abroad. She now writes, illustrates and publishes her own popular children's books  on steam engines.

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Associate member of the Guild of Railway Artists

artist, writer and publisher


Cromwell on Harringworth Viaduct
copyright infringement


I was finally paid after taking Wells and Co to small claims court. Twitter helped initially to get their attention when they didn't respond to letters.  


sweeping steps

Exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists 2020, the Mall and awarded the Ronald Morgan Memorial Award.

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Paintings below are from a series commissioned for a georgian house in the style of Angelica Kaufmann, with grisaille underpainting. Demos available